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How AEM Got Started

AEM Training was founded by a group of front line Ambulance Service Staff, one of our founding members was hard at work on his Rapid Response Vehicle one day when his next emergency call came in. We like a bit of discretion so we will call him Jim….

An elderly lady had collapsed at a bus stop and Jim was dispatched as soon as the emergency call came in, the call was from a very rural area, Jim was the nearest available response and he was 9 miles away.

Jim arrived just 7 minutes later and immediately started Advanced Life Support, using the help of bystanders to do CPR, which Jim talked them through at the scene and with the arrival of an ambulance crew their fantastic teamwork managed to get a heartbeat back in their patient.

As Jim was packing equipment back into his car with the patient in safe hands with the ambulance crew Jim was approached by a slightly distressed gentleman who stated that he had witnessed the elderly lady collapse at the bus stop and that he had called 999, but the man did not know how to do first aid or CPR at all, the operator at Ambulance Control had tried to explain to him over the phone but the man froze under the immense pressure of the situation and could not follow the simple instructions – quite understandable if you are not experienced in dealing with situations like that.

The man asked Jim if for some advice in case it ever happened again, Jim gladly obliged and gave the man a quick brief in how to check for response, check and clear an airway and how to check if a person is breathing normally and then how to do chest compression or the recovery position. Jim then recommended that the man attend a first aid course.

The man then told Jim that he had looked into this just the month before but found that courses were extremely expensive, even from the ‘voluntary aid services’ – Jim found this a bit hard to believe so done some research when he got home, he was shocked to see how much companies were charging for first aid training and it suddenly became clear why so many incidents the ambulance service attend for someone not breathing have no one doing effective CPR.

Jim got a few friends and colleagues together and AEM Training was born, with a view that no one should be denied access to first aid training due to financial restraints. We also believe that training should be provided by people with first hand experience in what they are teaching, not people who have just ‘read the book’
That was over five years ago and AEM Training is going from strength to strength as we uphold our core values.